Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some pictures I've been meaning to post here but decided it's easier to describe them:

1. A sticker from an apple, displayed on my middle finger.
2. A freakishly large strawberry covered in brown sugar, in a blue glass bowl
3. My left foot

Picture 1 was meant to illustrate how annoying it is that these things are stuck on nearly all fruits you buy from stores. I'm sure you are not supposed to eat it along with your fruit yet they are a bloody nuisance to remove.

Picture 2 was meant for me to illustrate how something that looks so fucking delicious can in fact taste of absolutely bugger all.

And now a little story about my left foot.

The other night I went out for a run out to the waterfront at around half past ten at night. It was drizzling with rain and I wasn't wearing any contact lenses nor glasses. It was cool but damp, and kinda nice that I couldn't really see very well at all. At that time of night the path was quiet, with the occasional teenage couple and solitary old men dotted under the bridge, kissing, smoking, waiting for the rain to stop.

I had my shuffle on and it was the Fall. As I approached one bridge, I saw a couple cuddling up on a concrete bench, two or three old geezers standing about, one had his shirt rolled up, proudly exposing his fat belly and nipples.

Then, suddenly my left foot came into contact with something. It was quite distinctly someTHING that is not just any old thing but it was ALIVE. I kicked it to mid-air and out of the corner of my eye I caught it flying by. Immediately following was laughter from the bystanders. I turned my head, trying to see what it was I had kicked.

I couldn't see anything but those people's laughter overwhelmed the voice of Mark E Smith. Then it dawned on me.

It was a frog I kicked. The poor bastard.


Anonymous said...

You run in the rain? Pretty hardcore.

Didn't the insides of your sneakers get soaked, though? I only went out for coffee on Sunday morning, with an umbrella, and still spent the rest of the day squishing around with wet/funky sneakers.

Pierre said...

The only time I can run outdoors during HK's summer months (without feeling as if I'm about to die of a heat stroke) is at night, and preferably in the rain!