Monday, April 30, 2007

The baker in this video claims that six year olds can do this. He is lying, obviously.

I, on the other hand, might be able to. I think.


Project WANNABE said...

Dude! I got a written version of that recipe from Arlington at Bogol. It's amazing. It worked just like he showed, the first time I ever made it. Really good.

Pierre said...

Corrrrrr! Great minds think alike!

I made mine yesterday, not with instant yeast but with a pre-ferment. The holes are smaller but it tasted good and looks real impressive like.

Project WANNABE said...

Yeah, you get all different size holes, I love that. (I admit I also like to take pictures of my bread.)

Did you originally start your pre-ferment from yeast, or order sourdough starter from somewhere, or like attract aerial yeast out of the ether, or ...?

Pierre said...

I got some pictures of my starters in my April 11th post (sorry I just realise I don't have the requisite knowledge to provide a link to it!).

I have a yeast pre-ferment and also a sourdough starter which I made from scratch (with rye flour) and haven't used in a long time but apparently they can keep for months. Might even outlast me.

Project WANNABE said...

Cool, I took a look, thanks.

I did the rye-rotting-on-the-countertop thing and it was incredibly good the first time I tried it. Unfortunately I decided "ok I get how to make this now" so I didn't save any. And then I haven't been able to get it to come out nearly that good again.