Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ummmmm mother this pasta is so tasty!

Oh good. I'm glad you like it.

This cheese is soooo good!

Yes. Cheese is good, isn't it.

This corn is very tasty too!

Yes. Corn is good, isn't it.

Maybe we can have some cheeseronie next time, yeah?

What's cheeseronie?

Like, macaroni made out of cheese! Of course!

Wouldn't that melt when you cook it?


Well, cheese melts when you heat it up. It won't be able to hold its macaroni shape.

I see....how about some porn then?

???????????????????? Porn?

Yes, can we have some porn for dinner next time?

..................what kind of porn you have in mind, son?

The kind with corn! Of course! Corn in the shape of a pen! Hahahah!!!!

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