Thursday, December 14, 2006

Heritage? Collective memory? Our government is run by morons?

Am I terribly insensitive to say I don't understand what the fuss is all about?

The old star ferry clock tower in Central is not a particularly dashing piece of architecture. The old ferry pier is shabby to say the least. I'd say the ferries themselves are much more valuable as "heritage" and "collective memory" than the pier. Yes it was in a very convenient locaion adn yes has been there for a long time and yes it has "witnessed" many important incidents in HK's history and yes, it is a shame the government has decided to knock it down.

But my main concern is not the above but the fact that it is being knocked down to build a road. My concern is that the government has chosen to completely ignore the recommendations of a specialist panel whose report they had deliberately buried from the views of the public. My concern is that this is all so unnecessary. My concern is, surely, SURELY, there must be more important things they (i.e. the government, the protestors, the police) can do with their time, energy, attention, money? My concern is that the new pier is conveniently located near the IFC mall but nothing much else.


Overheard on the train:

Two women, mother and daughter, perhaps, in the train, watching a news report about protestors who have staged a sit-in at the old Star Ferry site, the day the demolition works was supposed to start.

Older woman: These people, very troublesome (fahn), oppose everything. Oppose this, oppose that.

Younger woman: Yes, no peace no quiet, with these people around.

Older woman: They want to demolish it, let them demolish it lor, the land is not theirs, it belongs to the government, of course they can do whatever they want with it.

Younger woman: Mai mor, the land, the clock tower, is the government's.

Older woman: Yes, hark yun tsang.

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