Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sitting. Waiting.

Right now, I'm waiting for:

(1) This month's pay check to come through
(2) Someone to come interview me

I think the money should go through by noon. I don't know why I think that, but somehow it is stuck in my mind that noon is the time when things happen between banks. So. I'm waiting.

Before the long weekend, someone from the teaching and learning office called and said they want to interview me about my teaching philosophy and all that. This is all in relation to the teaching award I'd been given. They also want to film some footage of me interacting with students in class. At the awards ceremony, they want show video footage to PROVE that I am a deserving winner.

I have no idea what to say to a camera about teaching. Well, actually, that is not quite so true. I DO have some things to say about teaching but none of that would be what they want to hear. As for "interacting with students". Well. Not sure they really want to see any of that either.

So, I am thinking. Now, why would they want to film teachers blowing their own trumpets? Is this all meant to be PR for the university? What exactly are they hoping to achieve? What planet do the live on, to not realize how dreadfully and embarrassingly desperate it will all look?

I feel sorry for the poor souls who have to take part in this exercise (myself included, obvioulsy). Classic case of a unit that creates work for itself in order to justify its own existence.

I leave it in your hands, dear God. You must have your reasons, I will not ask...

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