Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wine is good

My job now is the first real proper job I ever had. And I've had it since January 1997. Yet, I do not feel any real attachment to the place, nor to the people.

I rarely venture out of my office, and the building where my office is. I go to my classes. I "socialize" with my colleagues twice a year tops. I don't lunch with my anyone unless I have to.

I haven't ventured to the library in 12 months. (Okay I still owe them an $82 fine for an overdue book but if I have a reason to go, I would go, and I would pay the fine okay?)

It sounds strange to people, when I tell them this. But I would not want it to be anything other than the way things are.

And it is strange, is it not?


Am feeling a bit disgusted with myself, right now, not having run for more than 30 mins in one go since we got back from ing ga land. Drank way too much wine for a Thursday night. I'm disgusting. Gotta go to the gym tomorrow.

Received information on one of these HKU medical school seminars today. Read the abstract of the talk. Something along the lines of: "loads of people say, lose fat and get fit and you will live longer. I tell ya, evidence says no! The effects of getting fit and losing fat are independent of one another! Fascinating, no? Come to my seminar! I'll tell you all about it!"

Stupid me, actually stood there and read it THREE fucking times. Am I missing something? Is it possible to get fit and NOT lose fat? Is it possible to lose fat and not get any fitter? For a split second, I thought I was intrigued and nearly hit "return" and said oh yes I do want to know more.

Luckily, one of these 1st year students knocked on my door. And entered before I could say "come in".

" hi..."


"heh eh heh.... "


Without uttering another word, he walked towards me, standing a bit too close for my comfort, and shoved a form into my face.

"'re adding to the course? Or dropping?"

Again, nothing. No utterances. Grinning like an embarrassed idiot (huh?), he pointed to somewhere on the form. Terrible handwriting. Crooked fingers, shaking, sweaty hands.

"So... you want me to sign here?"

"heheh heh.... yes ar... heh ehhe"

"O keeeeey... let me just check if that tutorial class is full"

Good Lord. Does he smell bad.

"Oh... Looks like this tutorial class is full already. How about Friday 3:30? That class still got places. "

".... er... but Friday is my day off. Heh heheh."

I turned to look at him. He looked back. This lasted for about ten seconds.


"My mum would be really upset if I tell her now I can't go back home on Friday."

"Your mum?"

"Yes, Professor Pierre. My mum. She would be upset. If I have a class on Friday."

Good God. His mum. I can see the pores on his nose, he is standing that close.

I signed the bloody form.

"Okay, go make your mum happy then." I said. Trying not to sound like a bitch.

He thanked me. He left, I opened the windows. I chewed some gum. I played a bit of Floggin' Molly. Found out that Paris Hilton was caught for drunk driving. I ate an apple. I felt better.