Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What would Jamie say

My friend came back from Los Angeles last week and over lunch, she was telling me about her culinary adventures over there.

Why LA? When you have to tow around with you a husband and two kids? Disneyland, of course.

Apparently the hotel they stayed in does not do room service. They only had two meals which were consumed in restaurants with table service. For in the area they stayed, near Disneyland, most restaurants were either self-service or fast food style. Vegetables only came in the form of salads. Potatoes were either boiled or came in the form of french fries. For meat, you get either chicken or fish. Fried, usually in batter. Fish came in the form of fingers.

One night they went to an Italian restaurant with table service. There were five items on the menu for main course.

1. Lasagne with tomato sauce
2. Lasagne with meat sauce
3. Lasagne with cream sauce
4. Lasagne with cheese sauce
5. Lasagne with no sauce

The second time they managed to find a restaurant with table service, she ordered a seafood platter and her husband ordered a steak.

"I'd like that medium rare, please".
"Medium rare, please.
"Oh... alright.... sure."

The steak arrived deep fried in batter.

It's hard to do medium rare covered in breadcrumbs.

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