Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am so going to win this baby

I'm so excited! The KCRC is having a competition for the public to suggest a suitable name for its new Tunnel Boring Machine. I've just sent off a paper on names yesterday. So I am kind of an expert. I feel pretty confident. First prize is $10,000 worth of coupons! The website didn't say what coupons though. Oh well, never mind the details! Come on people, I need some brainstroming here.

Profile of the as yet nameless Boring Machine:

- Date of Birth: 19 May 2006
- Gender: Female
- Height: 8 m
- Length: 80 m
- Diameter of Head: 8.05 m
- Place of Manufacturing: Germany & Shanghai, China
- Place of Assembly: Guangzhou
- Strength: Tunnel boring in rock & soil

So what have we here. A two month old female with a very large head. Fairly long. one parent is German while the other is Shanghaiese, conceived in Guanzhou. Any thoughts?

I think I'll pour myself a glass of wine and get cracking on some research on naming practices and customs for boring machines. I'm determined to win this baby. Oh yeah.

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