Monday, April 10, 2006

The day of the Sabbath. Yeah!

Spent a good part of yesterday at home with my two kids. As usual, when it's just me and them, I have to try all tricks up sleeve:

1. keep them glued to the tv for as long as possible
2. ....

Okay. That's the only trick I have.

Trick didn't work for very long. Since there is only one. Soon they started bickering at one another, then arguing, then shouting, then I could hear someone's head being whacked with a hard object, followed by crying and more shouting.... it's hard for me to sleep through all that short of a handsome dose of prescription drugs. I had to get out of bed, and, do something.

So there marked the start of nine hours of activities. Activities!

We played surrounder (a game invented by O - it's brilliant actually, but I can't be bothered to tell you any more), played checkers, made paper cuttings (about 500 of them), drew pictures, played computer games, read stories, went to the shops, more tv, baked cookies, chopped vegetables, played the piano, listened to Bon Jovi, played Jenga...

As well as two major crying/howling sessions (one boy each), due to sufferings incurred by punishment I delivered.

Well what do you know. I went through all that with just one rum and coke! So proud of myself.

I was exhausted by the end of it. Drained. Of all energy. Zapped.

So, lesson learned? Eh, don't think there are any lessons to be learned here, really.

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