Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hard work

My teaching schedule is not looking as bad as I had dreaded, despite the fact that both my courses are huge - near 120 each. I've got a TA to take up all the tutorials for one course, although I still got six tutorial classes for the other one. Been trying to move my hours around to get off with doing as little as possible.

Quite an art, this, trying to minimize workload without coming off looking like you were doing it deliberately. It's rewarding though, if you pull it off.

Somewhat amazingly, I found out yesterday that I'm getting paid for an extra four hours a week for not doing any extra work. Now how did that happen? I'm scratching my head.

I'm fuckin' starving. Gonna pop down to grab one of those nastily cheap and pathetically thin white bread processed ham and cheese sandwiches.

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