Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boggles the mind

Heard the most amazing story last night. Stuff straight out of one of these B&W Cantonese movies from the sixties. Only it's real.

Actually, come to think of it, my own story belongs to the same genre although much less dramatic. Still, although parental cruelty is not entirely unfamiliar to me, it is beyond comprehension how people could treat their own flesh and blood so badly.

On a different note. Are you bored of HK Disney yet? It's only been opened for two days and I'm already so sick and tired of it I am prepared to pay large sums of money to have any Disney related news blocked from my TV and compouter. So, mainland tourists let their kids wee in the bushes. They take their shoes off and put their feet up. They spit on the pavement. They smoke where they shouldn't and stub cigarette butts where they shouldn't. Is this all really that surprising? Let's not kid ourselves. It would be of great news value if they DIDN'T, surely.
I'd rather watch news about the Beckham and Rooney bust up in the changing room, honestly.

Meanwhile my chatroom friend, who has just sent her daughter to a posh private boarding school in England, is whining about the cost of a lacrose set. I do not understand what the hell goes on in some people's minds. Surely if you are prepared to fork out that kind of cash for your 14 year old daughter's education, you would have anticipated the need to pay for paraphrenelia such as a lacrose set? Wouldn't you feel cheated if your daugher DIDN'T have to play lacrose in a school like that?

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