Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Received a phone call from a friend I haven't seen nor heard from in at least a couple of years. She called to deliver the news that she is ten weeks pregnant. I have the impression she has been trying for a while. I remember her mentioning trying for a baby last time we spoke.

The interesting thing is, she did not sound overwhelmingly happy, like other women who had called to break the news. I do not doubt that she is happy, but there was no hint of excitement and anticipation in her voice. Instead, she seemed pre-occupied with the practicalities and the logistics. Elective c-section or not? Local, Indonesian or Filipina maid? Live-in or live-out? Breast or bottle? How to get your figure back post-partum? It was anxiousness and confusion that I hear in her voice.

Reasonable issues to concern any parent to be, obviously, but I was sad to think that she might not be allowing herself to enjoy her pregnancy and the prospects of parenthood. I hope I am wrong.

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