Thursday, June 02, 2005

Perhaps I should flip a coin

Allow me to unload my exercise log first:

Ran out to the waterfront on Tuesday night - it was hot, but breezy. I wasn't going to go because this stupid cough was still with me. But I was aching to run... so I went. Gunk came up a couple of times and I had to spit. Lungs felt alright though, legs felt strong.
**Verdict - good girl!

Yesterday morning went for a swim in the pool. My front crawl is still rubbish. I can't seem to coordinate my breathing very well (I felt as if my lungs were going to explode) but I think my arm movements are getting a bit less robotic. Yes, I swim like a robot, apparently.
**Verdict - more pool time!

Will run on the treadmill tonight. It's too damn hot! Sweat is pouring out of me pores as I type.


I've done a load of other stuff these past couple of days - went shopping, interviewed Father Matt for an article for the St John's Review, started a new knitting project (it's gonna look so fucking cool when it's finished, I tell ya), went to J's playgroup's EXTREMELY EXTRAORDINARY EMERGENCY MEETING, and so on. And tomorrow I'll spend an hour or so in O's class, to see him "in action". Yeah, it's one month to the end of term and it was only last week that the teacher and that other woman - head of lower primary - told us of their "concerns" over O's behaviour in class. I can't make my mind up - are they really as stupid, lazy and unconcerned with my child's welfare as I am now inclined to think, or am I completely wrong?

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