Thursday, April 07, 2005

Must do better next time

Last night's run was disappointing. I was running with three other women and I got the impression that at least one of them knew the route. Actually, one of them did say "yes I know the route". She was wrong. None of them knew the route and we ended up running on roads, inhaling exhaust fumes most of the time. They were also slightly slower than me so half the time I had to pace myself to stay with the pack. Thinking that they knew the route, of course. Which they didn't. Actually, I might have been better off on my own.

I sprinted when we were back on Bowen Road cos I already knew the way back. It was quite a while before I heard another woman catching up on me. I slowed down to let them all catch up cos I didn't want to seem rude or competitive. Which was stupid of course. Once you slowed down it was hard to get going again, especially when you knew the end was near.

Anyhow, I'm not complaining. It was at least 90 minutes of running although most of it was on flat. Must make an effort to find my own way next week.

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