Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Two minutes... and it'll all be over

Tasks on to-do list today: 12
Tasks completed so far: 5.5

Now, task number 6 is staring at me. I have to complete a final report for a project I received HKD81,000 for. The original completion date was August 2002, which was then extended to May 2003. Now, as you know, is March 2005. Fucking hell.

It is bad enough that the report is nearly two years overdue. What is worse is that I have done absolutely bugger all. I used the money to pay for a research assistant, who did everything she was asked to do. She did the literature review, wrote summaries, photocopied articles, dug out statistics, complied them, contacted interviewees, made coffee, the lot. But I haven't even much as looked at all the stuff she's done let alone write a paper or two about it. It is fucking pathetic.

Actually, come to think of it, the WORST thing about this is not that no output has been generated from this "research". The situation is absolutely bollocking shite because I can't get away with it. I have no alternative but to write "nil" in all those blank columns in the report. On the bright side, it's only gonna take me 2 minutes afterall.

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