Sunday, March 06, 2005

Here comes the sun

Feeling a bit more upbeat this weekend cos the sun finally decided to show itself! I was nearly in tears when I woke up on Saturday and saw that there was sunshine. It was quite glorious. I ran up the hill to the school, right up to the top this time. I felt strong after a week's rest and then did quite a lot of swimming afterwards. Lovely!

This morning we went to the Victoria Peak Park which was strangely calm given that it is on the Peak and it was a wonderfully cool, dry, clear and sunny Sunday.

The park was dominated by the presence of a Christian youth group of around 35 people. They were dotted around the park in groups of 3-5. Rambling on quite loudly and un-self-consciously about how thankful they were. They were addressing God, I guess. It was strangely comical yet endearing at the same time. I was wearing me sexy peep-toe heels today and because of that, I couldn't really run around with the boys and so found myself standing in close proximity to a group of three male youth.

One of them was going on in the following manner for about 20 minutes, "... Lord I thank you for creating all these plants... trees and flowers and all these things around here.... Lord I wonder why ... it's so amazing you created all these different living things and all these plants, like this tree here... and all those strange looking deep sea mammals and those weird lookign fish I saw on Discovery channel last night... Lord I want to thank you for the sky, it is so big and today it is so blue..... sometimes I think how you come up with so many things to create... Lord I thank you...."

I felt strangely moved. I moved to another part of the park. Not that I cringed or anything. I just felt that giving thanks to the big one up there is a private thing between the two of you and I kinda felt like I was eavsdropping.

Okay that bit about them deep sea mammals induced a bit of eyeball rolling on my part but folks are fascinated by all sorts of shit and I'm not the one to be judgemental that's for sure.

After that we went to the Little Egret restaurant in Tai Po Kau. Rented a boat and rowed around the lagoon for half and hour. For HKD35. One would have thought I should be well qualified to row a boat after having done that course and having rowed in the Shing Mun River. I had a go but there was no rowing muscle memory left in me at all. B did the honours even though the oars were way too short and the boat would probably not pass any kind of quality assurance test if there ever was one cos the damn thing was leaking.

Now I'm chomping on nuts and seeds and beans and drinking cheap port. Listening to The Go! Team. Thinking about getting a Brazillian wax. Thinking about the hot summer sun. Thinking about how thankful I am.

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