Thursday, March 24, 2005

CDs - do you need them?

Had quite an unexpectedly pleasant day! I'm munching on fishy snacks and sipping red wine and even though all the fishy bits are stuck between my teeth, it's not as annoying as it usually is. All the difference a pleasant day makes!

Had a nice long lunch with two friends in TST. Sitting out in the sun, sipping wine with a four course meal. Then roamed around in TST for four hours, before teaching my much dreaded three hour evening class. All went rather well. Made purchases at HMV, Esprit, M&S, cheapie underwear shop, and had a big bowl of spicy noodles in the food court at City Super.

Bought this, this, and this . Am right now listening to "smile" and, er, can't say I'm impressed. I forgot why I bought it. I didn't even listen to it before taking it to the cashier's. Anyhow, B thought Brian Wilson is dead. We spent three minutes discussing that possibility whilst perusing the CD insert.

Ah! I remember now!!!! I remember what I was thinking when I decided to buy it. I was thinking "the kids would love this! Bit like They Might Be Giants only simpler! Something the whole family could sing along to in the car!

Well, I was wrong. Lots of hoos and haaas and what nots, but not an awful lot that my boys, knowing them, would voluntarily sing along to.

Asian Dub Foundation, on the other hand, really rocks. This new album reminds me of Rage Against the Machine's Renegade CD. Idlewild, I'm now loading it onto iTunes. This new album is supposed to be their most mainstream. Hang on. What? Mainstream? In what sense were they not so mainstream ever? When compared to McFly? Huh???

Listened to a whole load of other cds in the shop. The Kills, Queens of the Stone Age, Bloc Party, Steve Vai, Kaiser Chiefs, Doves, the new Daft Punk... they all sounded okay and I'd quite happily listen to them in my car. I just don't want to buy them.

Been thinking about how I spend my money and I realized in terms of purchases of non-essential goods, my three vices are:

1. music
2. underwear
3. shoes

I'm getting much better at not buying clothes and not buying books and magazines though.

(Wow, Brian Wilson has just gone a wee bit psychedelic there.... freaked me by surprise)

Anyhow, what I'm saying is, it's easy to tell when you've got too much clothing, or too much footwear, or too many books. But with CDs, they take up hardly any space and if I have a US or UK address I'd be buying them from iTunes so they won't be taking up no space at all. With a commodity like that, how do you know you have bought too much?

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