Friday, February 04, 2005

That dog made me do it

How many runners will stop short of the last 200 meters, turn round and run back? I did. If I can still call myself a runner, that is. That hill up Kadoorie Farm was a real killer though. Long and steep. And that dog. It was in front of me but kept turning round to look at me. I was scared. When I got home I had to smoke a fag to calm my nerves. Then another one to reward myself for doing a 90 minute run without dying - my longest so far!

Okay, the dog was no good of an excuse. Next Monday I swear I'll run the whole damn thing, dog or no dog.

Onto even more mundane matters, I taught the evening class for the second time last night, and it went much better than I'd expected. It was from 7 - 10 pm so you can't really expect eyes to be bright and brains to be at work. Either I was a damn good teacher or these guys were sipping red bull every time I turned around. They seemed genuinely interested. I talked about problems with differentiating one's sex and gender and intersex persons and made them read an article in class to kill some time. I guess those nuddie pictures of intersex people sparked things up a bit. Heh heh.

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