Sunday, January 30, 2005

Something new

Trying out the new Bose speakers for the iPod. Mrs Robinson is now playing.

Examining the big bruise on my shin. It is not looking too bad, not as impressive as I thought it'd look anyway. It was quite painful when I whacked myself against that climbing wall, good job I didn't bang my head in as well cos that won't be a pretty sight.

Since this weekend I've discovered something new about myself. That my vertigo can actually be overcome and I have finally stumbled upon this trick. The key is to shut my eyes as I have to jump or let go in mid-air. Which is what I did when I had to let go of the wall and fall. According to the instructor, when I "fall" my feet pushed off the wall first and my hands were still hanging onto the wall when the rest of me weren't no more. Hence I tipped my balance and hit the wall again. Hence the bruise. But second time I did it, I shut my eyes as I shouted "fall!" and I managed not to slam myself against the wall this time.

I did about half an hour of diving into the pool practice on Saturday's swimming class. It was quite frightening for me, even though I can swim now. It helps that I wasn't supposed to look at the water when I dive, so I kept my eyes on my tummy as I was getting ready, and shut my eyes the split second before I was supposed to dive. It worked well and I did a proper dive - not having my goggles thrown off my face and getting water up my nostrils and so on. As I did the second time. That was when I didn't close my eyes as I dived in and I ended up goggles off, water in eyes and nose, and suffered the terrible consequences of slamming my stomach and thighs flat on the water as I entered. Bloody sore it was.

So. Vertigo and the shutting of eyes. That's what I learnt about myself this weekend.

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