Tuesday, January 25, 2005

K -I - L - L !!!!!!!

I am feeling pretty violent at the moment. I want to deliver some serious verbal abuse at the registry people, punch them and kick them to the ground. I want to see them bleed. Actually, I want to kill them.

All day today and yesterday, streams of clueless and hapless students have been coming in and out of my office, stopping me in corridors, ambushing me in toilets, trying to get me to sign the bloody add/drop forms for their courses. It is a very long story and I had mentioned some of this in a post a while ago. So I won't bore you with the details. Let me just tell you that incompetence makes me very aggressive.

Munched some more oatcakes, managed to stop at three. I shouldn't really, but I was doing duty at J's playgroup again this morning and wasn't organized enough to bring any food apart from the one spotty banana. I'm afraid to go to the now re-opened canteen to buy food in case I get sighted by more students who want me to sign their stupid forms for them. The hunger is messing with my mind and I just can't fling off this aggro in me.... I'm going to put some Belle & Sebastian on to calm down before I start thrashing my own office.

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