Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Was robbed!

A copy of HTML4 for Dummies arrived through the post yesterday. All this is part of my plan to beautify this blog for the benefit of my readers. Had to order it via Paddyfield.com cos couldn't find any copies in all the regular bookshops. Shocking innit.

More shocking, listen to this, is that it is NOT actually a book for dummies! The bloody thing is 384 pages long, with hardly any cartoons at all, and font size is a miniscule point 10 at the most.

I was outraged and am now drafting a complaint letter to the publishers. I feel violated that my trust in the "Dummies" series has been taken advantage of.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this must something for the Intellectual Dummies, that's you right?
Actually, you must be a dummy if you are ordering such book in the first place.

Pierre said...

Of course I am a f**king dummy, intellectual or otherwise - that's my whole point - otherwise I wouldn't have order this book now, would I?

Jamie said...

It's hard to imagine what they would call a book pitched at our level, though.

"HTML for Lackwits"?
"...for Dumbasses"?
"...for Coma Patients"?

"...for the Recently Dead"?

Pierre said...

How about "HTML for utter fooooools".