Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Che Longhair

This morning I went to Longhair's Taipo office to present him with a T-shirt that my brother made for him (will post picture of said shirt once I figure out how). His office is in Kwong Fuk Road in the Old Taipo Market area, inside an old 5 storey building.

I was greeted by a middle aged man sporting a moustache, wearing a short sleeve shirt, polyester trousers and sandals. He was very polite and offered me a cup of tea to which I said no thanks. I explained the reason for my visit and was about to leave when the phone rang.

Moustache spent about 15 minutes on the phone, trying to explain to the caller that Long Hair is not in the Taipo Office today. Caller, apparently, has LH's mobile number but coudn't get through cos the phone was switched off. So Moustache suggested Caller should leave a message on LH's voicemail so he could call him back, etc. But Caller was not happy with this suggestion. I know s/he's not happy cos s/he won't put the bloody phone down unless Moustache could assure him/her that LH WILL definietly call him/her back.

Meanwhile, I was shifting in a brand new swivelling chair, sweating like a maniac (very hot today - no fan nor aircon in the office), wondering if I should just heave my butt off the seat and head. The office is completely bare, by the way. It's around 500-600 sq feet in size, with lots of chairs, a few tables, a couple of book shelves, a phone and a fax machine. No computers in sight! Anyhow, there I was, listing to Mr Moustache repeating himself over the phone to Caller, in this barren office.

Finally the phone call was over and Moustache was apologizing like a madman. There wasn't even a newspaper or magazine in sight. No radio, no TV. Just a phone and a fax machine. I wonder how Moustache likes his new job.

Anyhow, I think Caller must have some real urgent business to talk to LH about. I wonder what that might be. I wonder how many such callers LH and Moustache get each day.

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