Thursday, October 28, 2004

Snippets of my life


1 piece of sweet roll (plain)
1 cup tea with milk
2 diet cokes
1 pack Edo crackers (around 10 small pcs)
1 nissan cup noodle (large)
plate of choi sum, chicken, fish
2 glasses wine
pinch of nuts and dried fruits
1 hour cardio


2 slices wheat bread with olivio light spread
2 cups tea with milk
sandwich with half avocado and tomatoes
1 pack sesame crackers (8 small pcs)
2 packs flavoured seaweed
asparagus and artichoke salad
duck breasts a few slices
coffee with 1 sugar
1 hoegaarden, 3 glasses wine, 1 vodka tonic, 1 cosmopolitan, 1 fruit punch


half of small sweet roll (plain)
1 cup tea with milk
sandwich with half avocado and tomatoes
1 apple
1 pack flavoured seaweed
Spaghetti with chicken in cream sauce
Left over chicken pieces in green curry sauce
Bits of kimchee
Bits of chocolate
Pinch of pumpkin seeds, raisins and nuts
2 glasses wine


1 cup tea with milk
1 pack sesame crackets (8 small pieces)
restaurant: prawn noodles
1 large gin tonic
3 pints stellas


fruit pieces
takeaway: rice with veg and meat
3 glasses champagne, 1 heineken
ran 1 lap, swam 10 laps

14/09/04 (Tuesday)

2 glasses soya milk
restaurant lunch: rice, veg, fried fish, 1 char siu bao
restaurant: 3 chicken satays
3 pints stellas

15/09/04 (Wednesday)

2 slices toast with jam and olivio
restaurant lunch: veg, pork, veg bao, rice
soup, carrots, corn
dark chocolate bits
soya milk
1 bottle beer
ran 1 lap
swam 20 laps

16/09/04 (Thursday)

1 cup tea with milk
Muesli with milk
Sandwich with ham and mustard
1 pack sesame crackers (8 pcs)
3 pcs lamb chops, pumpkins, 1 onion ring, 1 small pc potato
1 vodka cranberry
1 large whisky
2 black coffees

17/9/04 (Friday)

1 cup tea with milk and 1 sugar
Muesli with milk
2 slices whole meal bread with jam
1 small bit chocolate
Cup noodle
3 pcs cheese crackers
1 pack sesame crackets
1 diet coke
ran 1 lap, swam 10 laps

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you eat really little